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We accept VISA, Master Cars, all major credit cards FAQs - Frequently Asked Question

Filters - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How are Filters Shipped?
    Filters are shipped in boxes via FedEx Ground Service. They are normally shipped within 24 hours and delivery takes place in 1-4 business days on most orders.

  2. Are Shipping Costs Calculated for Filters in My Shopping Cart?
    Yes, when ordering filters, unless you are ordering a large enough volume your FedEx shipping cost is calculated in real-time.  If you see the shipping option "Freight" then you can choose to let us find the best shipping price to you and pay for the shipping after your order, this only happens on very large orders.

  3. Are your Filters From Trusted Manufacturers?
    Absolutely, our filters come from proven manufacturers like Paint Pockets, Speritex, Viledon and others that we know provide quality products for our customers. To us, our customers are our most important asset, so we must make sure to keep our customers happy with products that will not give them problems.

Paint Spray Booth Equipment - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Materials are Used In Construction of Equipment?
    All our Paint Spray Booth Equipment is made from 18-Gauge Galvanized Steel.

  2. Does your Paint Spray Booth Equipment come Powder Coated?
    All our Equipment comes in Galvanized Steel Finish, but Powder Coating is available on most of our equipment for an extra charge. If the product you want does not have the option online, call us and we can add it.  It will add 1-2 weeks to your lead time.

  3. What will my Paint Spray Booth Come With?
    The Product Details Specify exactly what will come with a particular Paint Spray Booth, but typically they come with a fan, motor, lights, manometer draft gauge, first set of filters and all the necessary hardware and instructions for assembly.

  4. Does the Booth come with Fire Suppression?
    We offer Fire Suppression systems with installation for all the equipment we sell. If you need Fire Suppresion please call us to get it added to your order and provide you with a more accurate price quote.  There are a few questions we must ask you to configure this.

  5. Will your Equipment run on Single-Phase Power?
    Most of our motors come standard with a 3-phase motor. We do have the upgrade option to a Single-Phase Motor available for most of our products online, if you do not see it, feel free to call us about the possibility of adding it to your equipment.

  6. How are the Booths Shipped, and How long will it take to get it?
    We have various models in stock, and those can ship within 24 hours of placing your order, any customization will likely result in a bit of a delay on shipping.  Booths that are NOT in stock normally take 1-6 weeks to ship depending if custom engineering has to be done.  Once the booth is shipped via Freight Carrier it should take 1-7 Business Days to arrive at your door.  Booths are packed in Wooden Crates 10' Long and 4' Wide by 5' High. Automotive booths require 2 crates and industrial booths require anywhere from 1 to 4 crates depending on the booth size.

  7. Do I need a ForkLift to Receive my Booth?
    A Forklift is heavily recommended. If you cannot get one then a wrecker will work as well. If you cannot get either, you can break open the crates in the truck and unload the panels one at a time. You will need to make arrangements with the delivery driver if this is the case. Let us know and we can assist you in coordinating with the trucking company.

  8. How long should it take me to assemble my Booth?
    The Automotive Booths can take a crew of 3 people 2-3 Days to Setup and Install.  Smaller and simpler ones take less, and some can take more time if they are larger.  You should hire licensed contractors to do all the Electrical and Exhaust Duct Work.

  9. How are Shipping Costs Calculated?
    Shipping for Equipment is not calculated in your shopping cart due to many variables, but instead will be calculated after you confirm your order. We will provide a shipping quote for the best price we can find. We never have any Hidden or Crating Charges like other companies!  Once we give you the shipping cost that will be paid before the shipment leaves the factory.

  10. Do you offer Payment Terms on Equipment?
    Yes, we offer 50% Due at order - 50% Due at Shipping payment terms on all Equipment Sales Just Conctact Us. We also have Leasing/Financing Available so please contact us about those options.

  11. Does Your Equipment Come With a Warranty?
    Absolutely! All Our Equipment and Parts come with a 1 Year Warranty from Manufacturer.
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