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Drawn in ten minutes, it was at a picnic in Germany when the Andreae Standard Filter came to life on paper.  A Swiss inventor of automated machinery, Erhard Karl Otton Andreae proceeded to finance his invention and produce by hand two filters per day in his urban flat.  The concierge took phone calls while Erhard, then forty-eight years old, beat the streets to sell to local consumers. 

It wasn’t long until a business friend saw Erhard’s invention and became excited because, at that time, wooden wool filters were used in spray booths.  A spray booth manufacturer, Bullows purchased the English patent for today’s equivalent of $500,000.00.  This windfall provided Erhard the opportunity to automate production.  He rented a vacant barn in Aclens, Switzerland, invented an automated production line, and with his world wide patent, launched Andreae Filters, SA in 1963.  Five years later, Bullows was acquired by Binks, the then number one spray booth manufacturer in the world.  This acquisition gave Andreae Filters global reach when the company developed exclusivity with Binks.  Sales began immediately to USA, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Australia, Japan, Sweden, and Canada.

afinc logoAs patents expired in 1982, Robert Andreae, Erhard’s son, began purchasing companies manufacturing “imitation filters” and offered them exclusive distribution.  He purchased his father’s company in 1984, created the company logo, and began diversifying the geographical market, establishing distributors across Europe and Asia.  In an effort to compete with imitations, product variety became the focus.  The Andreae High Efficiency Filter was patented in 1988, and so began the Andreae brand.   Anticipating the end to Bink’s exclusivity in the American market, Andreae Filters, Inc. of Ardmore, Oklahoma was incorporated in 1991.  Just five years later, Binks was acquired by ITW and exclusivity ended.  This widened accessibility to the overseas market and led to the launch of Andreae Filters made in the USA.

While Andreae attained international status, it was in 1997 when the company began to rapidly expand throughout the United States.  Further product development followed with the Andreae High Capacity and High Productivity Filters.  By the fall of 2001, both Andreae Filters, SA. and Andreae Filters, Inc. changed company names to Andreae ecofilter logo Tea brand logom and together, the two manufacturing sites developed the Eco brand.  With two brands under the Andreae umbrella, production began on Eco Filters, a generic version of the Andreae Filter.  Further development followed with the Andreae High Holding Filter in 2006 and a specialty product, Andreae Floor Paper, in 2008.  
Approaching its 50th anniversary, Andreae Team brands are distributed by more than 700 distributors on five of seven continents.  The finishing industry continues to grow as filtration regulations become ever more strict.  When Andreae set an industry precedent by offering the accordion style, collapsible, pleated paper filter, spray booth manufacturers and finishing consumers were provided an efficient, economical alternative to other market filters.  Where filtration trends have come and gone, Andreae Team remains committed to providing the highest quality products while assuring competitive prices.


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