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Now In :  Powder Coating  :: Powder Coating Guns  :: Wagner SPRINT X AirFluid Box Feed Powder Coating Gun System

Wagner PRIMA Sprint X AirFluid Manual Box Feed Powder Coating Gun System
Wagner SPRINT X AirFluid Box Feed Powder Coating Gun System 
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Part No. WAG-C4HI
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Expert Advice:

The Powder is supplied directly from the original container, this system includes a Wagner EPG 2008 Control Unit, PRIMA Box Powder Feed Unit, a Heavy duty equipment trolley with pneumatic shaker table, and the PEM-C4 HiCoat Powder Spray Gun for the Highest quality finishes with electrostatic Capabilities.


Prima Fluidized Box Feeder Unit

PEM-C4 Key Features:

  • Excellent charging of the powder
  • Extremely high application efficiency
  • Fine spray pattern and uniform film thickness due to the newly developed nozzle system
  • Integral 100 kV high voltage cascade
  • Lightweight design (18 oz.)
  • Multi-functional nozzle system for easy changes from round to fan spray use
  • Deflector cone ventilation or atomizing air
  • Deflector cone and slotted fan spray nozzle included

EPG-2008 Control Features:

  • Exclusive one-touch volume knob. Conventional controllers require the operator to balance two air flow controls knobs to change powder volume without altering the delivery velocity. Prima does it all with one knob.
  • Four electrostatic presets for standard, faraday, recoat, and a fourth that is user-defined. All four can be changed for your specific needs.
  • The total air control knob is all you need to change the powder delivery velocity.
  • The nozzle style air control knob can be used to fine tune air flow to the nozzle, as well as the tribo charge air control when used with our tribo-style powder spray guns.
  • The LED voltage display indicates voltage setting and monitors actual voltage output once the gun trigger is pulled.
  • The Led micro amp display is used to display set max current and actual current when used with a corona-style spray gun. In tribo mode, the same LEDs monitor the tribo current.
  • Automatic gun recognition. Prima works with either tribo or corona spray guns with no hassle

System Includes:

(1)     EPG-2008:  Electrostatic/Pneumatic Gun Controller

(1)     PEM-C4: Manual Gun: 100kV Corona Electrostatic Cascade

(1)     PI-P1: Powder Feed Pump with High-Efficiency Injector

(1)     Fan Spray Nozzle: F1 and F2          

(1)     Electrode Holder C4R: With deflector cone R20, R28 and R38              

(1)     Positioning Tool: For the fan spray nozzle

(1)   Caster Mounted Stand Assembly: Fluidized box feeder for FAST color changes              

(1)     Assembly Hardware: Poly tubing, hardware, and cable ties   

(1)     Set of Powder Hose: High-flow, grounded hose for manual gun

(Unit also includes constant fluidization upgrade at no additional charge)

Ships Directly from Manufacturer, Freight Cost Will be Calculated after Ordering.
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